Link of the Day: Artistic 2-fer

[High Praise! to 4of7 of Little Worlds]

2013 Fresh – April (plus a few extras)

2013 Fresh – May

Fair warning on the May link – although it DOES have penguins, it’s also got… well, I think he must’ve just dusted his blog, because some of it seemed to get in my eye toward the end of the post.

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  1. I enjoy trying to come up with analogies for the experience of seeing 4of7’s artwork.

    Here’s one: it’s like a lifelong desert-dweller seeing a fully decorated, lit-up Christmas tree for the first time — “Wow…People can create THAT??”

    He might be able to figure out how, if he studies it long enough, but that would be missing the point. He’d rather just enjoy the sight.


  2. Some day I’d like to do a time-lapse or animated video, showing how I draw my pictures, one line at a time, only really speeded up so it seems to grow out of the page.
    Hmmm… Christmas trees…



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