Link of the Day: Hootie Owl and Other Intricacies

[High Praise! to 4of7 of Little Worlds]

2013 Fresh – June. (Plus early Christmas – or late, depending on your point of view.)

Ya know… sometimes I look at 4of7’s art and – in my stupider moments – the thought crosses my mind “that’s SO cool… but it’s all just lots of lines and colored-in spaces. That’s got to be a HUGE restriction on the possibilities of the medium.”

The art at the other end of today’s link shows why that thought is, indeed, quite stupid.

Wear a bib. Your head might explode.

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  1. See, I have the same thing as Harvey. “Just lines and colors — how awesome can they be?”

    But it turns out to be like asking what the individual chemicals in alcohol or LSD can possibly add up to.

    The man expresses dimensions and states of mind. And something else you can’t quite put your finger on. Excellence? The breath of inspiration? There are no real words for it.


  2. . . . And I like the humor of most titles. “Plumb Center,” which is off-center, gives you something to think about.


  3. #3 – Jimmy,
    I break symmetry sometimes by superimposing a second or third layer of pattern over the first, then challenging myself to find a new higher order, restoring harmony and balance in my “little world”.
    Sometimes people ask me, of a particular design element or color choice, “Why did you do that there?” and all I can do in reply is shrug my shoulders and say, “because that’s what needed to be there.”

    #4 – Oppo,
    Look again!
    I called it “Plum Center” because I used a dark plum-colored pencil at about the mid-point of the design, so the title is both a pun and a sort of visual riddle.

    I should have my work from July 2013 ready by Sunday (and another episode of that penguin guy, whatshisname.)

    Thanks, guys, for taking the time to notice the details.
    I can draw the broad sweeps of my pictures in about 5 minutes, and then take 3 days to work in all of what I call “the fiddly bits”, but that’s where the magic happens.


  4. Every time I look at your site, 4of7, I see stained glass in great cathedrals and works that should be on the sides of buildings and in entrance halls, etc. I will buy prints/posters/other when it’s available in display form.

    You WILL get there!



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