Link of the Day: July 2013 and Kevin Koastie and an appeal to Basil

[High Praise! to 4of7 of Little Worlds]

2013 Fresh – July

By the way, you’ll never finish reading that post. And yes, you have to click the link to have that explained.

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  1. Visiting family — my daughter is heading back to Boston area this weekend, and I’ve taken time off work to spend with her, the grandson, and other family. I’ll get on that when I’m back in Columbus on Monday.


  2. @1 – Right… family…

    You’re actually sipping mai-tais on a beach in Cancun while the Swedish Bikini Team rubs suntan lotion on your chest, aren’t you?

    I don’t know why you jetsetting one-percenters always try to fake like you’re just another Joe Lunchpail…



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