Link of the Day: Minimum Wage – The Dialogue

[High Praise! to The Matt Walsh Blog]

This is why we need a minimum wage hike

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  1. “an Asteroid of Fairness from the Kumbaya Galaxy” …..My goal for tomorrow is to work this quote into a conversation, somehow…

    and yes, I will chuckle to myself afterwards


  2. I am an auto mechanic. I am paid by flat rate, which is essentially commission. I make pretty decent money, and I am not constrained by the “normal” laws the way an hourly worker is. I was offered my “dream job,” once. The hourly rate was good, but since it was an hourly job, I wouldn’t be able to work more than 40 hours, because the dream job supplier did not want to pay “overtime.” I would have gladly worked 50+ hours per week at my dream job at the hourly rate, but the government, looking out for my best interests, wouldn’t allow me and my potential employer to make that agreement. So, dream job went bye bye.

    “Hi, I’m from the government, and I’m here to help…”



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