Link of the Day: Variety Is Also the Spice of Art

[High Praise! to 4of7 of Little Worlds]

2013 Fresh – October

It’s like variations on a theme, except without the theme part. His head was everywhere in October, and you simply will not see the next drawing coming, any more than you can anticipate how a firework will explode just by watching the rocket climb.

Surprise and delight awaits you…

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  1. Just when I was convinced after September’s drawings that there was no way to make more spectacular two-dimension designs or three- dimensional ones, I find out I was wrong. And the snow globe has the added dimension of time, and the illusion of motion, making it a better representation of a snow globe than a photograph could ever be. Great stuff.


  2. Thanks everybody!
    I’ve got just one more batch of drawings to post from 2013, the ones from November, completed before Thanksgiving.
    I gave everything I drew between Thanksgiving to the end of December away as Christmas presents.
    This year, God willing, I’ll do that again, but I’ll scan them first so I can still share them with you all.
    And then in February, “2014 – Fresh” begins! Yay!
    Between monthly downloads of new work I plan to display a mix of oldies but goodies going back to 2004.
    Should I show the old stuff first, so you can see how I’ve improved, or should I display them in reverse order (2012, 2011, 2010 etc.) so it’ll look like my work is gradually getting worse? 🙂


  3. @5 – Offhand, I’d just say alternate, but it’s your blog, so it’s your call.

    Which is the awesomest part about having your own blog 🙂


  4. Also, regarding the snow globe: I should have said I enjoy how the rows seem to “bud out” from the center —

    …. RowsBud !



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