lolbama!… Next Week

Short on entries this week, so I’ll give you guys another week to get submissions in.

Here’s the uncaptioned again:

Meanwhile for your amusement – Isaac Asimov predicts the future:

[Isaac Asimov Predicts 2014 – In 1964!] (Viewer #6,984)

Now, I don’t expect you to sit all the way through this, because the mush-mouthed gibbering simpletons hosting the segment manage to make science AND the future AND Isaac Asimov all sound as dull and incoherent as a third-grader’s “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” essay.

BUT… you will discover at the 1:15 mark that Isaac Asimov sounds EXACTLY like Dr. John Zoidberg, which makes it all worthwhile.

Also, you get to see what Asimov looked like without the Muttonchops of Awesome that made John Bolton’s mighty ‘stache look like Shaggy’s goatee.

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