Now they’re making cheap Chinese monkeys

The twin cynomolgus monkeys bornRemember years ago when stuff made in China was considered cheap crap?

Of course, then, China was what we now call Taiwan. And what we now call China was called Red China. I never was clear which China was making the cheap crap. I figured it didn’t matter because anything made outside the US was probably cheap crap. I was only 6 or 8 or something, so I could have been wrong. Probably not, though.

Anyway, I still think a lot of cheap Chinese crap is cheap Chinese crap. Back then, we bought the stuff because it was cheap (price). And, we complained about it because it was cheap (quality). Today, we buy the stuff because it is cheap (price), but we don’t complain as much because we’ve lowered the bar. Witness: Obama was reelected; you don’t get a lower bar than that.

So, what brought this up? Well, the Chinese have developed a way cut and paste DNA to genetically alter things in the lab. And, they’ve made monkeys using this process. Which means, we’ll soon be overrun with cheap Chinese monkeys.

On the other hand, they might not be generally available. Cheap clone monkeys? I’m thinking MSNBC might buy them all. That way, they’ll have an endless supply of anchors for their shows.

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  1. You remember the scene from Back to the Future when Doc Brown told Marty that it was no wonder the DeLorean had trouble–it was full of Japanese parts! I don’t think the Chinese manufacturers have turned that corner, but I could be wrong.

    On the other hand, the Chinese have an aircraft carrier that they are getting to work.


  2. we used to buy cheap Chinese crap because for some things, it just didn’t matter…and when it DID matter we’d buy the expensive thing.

    Now, we buy Chinese crap because not only is it the only thing that companies can afford to manufacture and still turn enough profit to stay in business, but because it’s all we can afford.



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