Obama’s Energy Policy

[High Praise! to The Looking Spoon via NetRightDaily]

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  1. Obama makes another moronic point: “Iran has a right to build nukes,” etc.

    We’re not involved in some petty-fogging legal debate. It’s not a panel discussion, for Pete’s sake. The question is, Can Iran be trusted with nukes? Isn’t that whole bunch of spaced-out medieval fanatics just crazy enough to drop the big one? If so, the adult nations of the world must do something first.

    Obama shows once again that 1) he’s an amateur, in no way fit to be president; and 2) he make lame excuses when his cherished values (like anti-Semitism) are concerned.


  2. Technically, you should link back to the original, as they ask.

    Still great point – if nukes are good enough for our enemies, why not good enough for us?

    Modern generators are clean, efficient and safe: http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/Nuclear-Fuel-Cycle/Power-Reactors/Advanced-Nuclear-Power-Reactors/. and cutting edge generators can be small enough to use locally, to power neighborhoods. A small hybrid generator can be the size of an A/C unit and power a few city blocks for a few dollars a day.


  3. @2 – Duly noted and updated, however, technically technically, The Looking Spoon is the one who dropped the ball by failing to credit THEIR source. My hands are clean.

    But now they’re cleanER, so thanks for digging up the link for me, Mrs C 🙂



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