Personally, I Have Trouble With the One About 4-Way Stops

Nevada DMV stats show that 75% of illegal immigrants fail the written test for their driver’s license.

Must be that tricky true/false question about stopping at border crossings.

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  1. ….and yet, they somehow manage to illegally apply for welfare, section 8, EBT cards etc etc etc

    How about they take a test asking how they manage to not starve to death since they are ILLEGALLY IN THE COUNTRY?


  2. @1 assuming you’re white, yes it is.

    Backers of the bill say because many immigrants in the country illegally drive anyway, the law will make roads safer because they will be required to take the tests and have insurance.

    Hmmm, so they here illegally and they don’t WORK so how are they supposed to PAY for insurance?


  3. It’s not like they’ll be charged with anything if they don’t.
    The worst that could happen is they get sent home. But then that would probably violate their civil rights, as an illegal alien. And is probably racist.



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