Practically Human

Researchers using a Japanese supercomputer managed to simulate 1 second of human brain activity, but it took the machine 40 minute to do it.

So… sorta like waiting for Joe Biden to get to the point of a story.

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  1. It used the open-source Neural Simulation Technology (NEST) tool to replicate a network consisting of 1.73 billion nerve cells connected by 10.4 trillion synapses.

    While significant in size, the simulated network represented just one per cent of the neuronal network in the human brain.

    So, maybe more like a cat’s brain. And the result was: TUNA!


  2. It would probably take far less than forty minutes to simulate one second’s worth of Obama’s brain. There are only a small number of outcomes:

    – sell our national defense down the river
    – order the IRS to audit a conservative person or organization
    – appoint a clown to an important job, like Secretary of State (actually, if memory serves, that was a sperm cell, not a clown)
    – golf
    – go on an expensive vacation
    – play cards with handler
    – blame W
    – blame “Republican obstruction”
    – issue an executive order

    Those are pretty much the options, I think.



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