Random Thoughts: Bully, Traffic, and Promise Zones

I wonder if Obama made sure Healthcare.gov doesn’t work because he’s vindictive against the uninsured.

“I’m not a bully. I’m you.”

“I would like to deny these charges that I am Wooly Bully.”

Bridges are stupid anyway; why is everyone so scared of swimming?

“So what have we learned from the traffic study?”
“Closing bridge to one lane makes traffic.”

Will this Chris Christie scandal matter in 2016? Of course not; we’ll all be dead by then.

Disheartened by all these anti-science people who are against traffic studies.

Well, I think that’s enough time spent being concerned about traffic in New Jersey for the next century.

You can’t impeach a governor while he’s in the middle of talking.

Why can’t more whacked-out partisan nutjobs be as pleasant as Rachel Maddow?

There is an evil leprechaun in the audience of every Obama speech who prevents Obama from being clear despite his constant pleading.

Another one star review for my book from someone who apparently read the title and got angry. Angry people have too much time on their hands.

The Borowitz Report is so oddly fascinating.

Don’t believe any promises by Obama unless they’re told from within a promise zone.

Gulag is Russian for “promise zone.”

“Well, it’s cloudy out; you suck at weather prediction.” -seldom heard on the range

At a fork in the road are two people: one who cannot lie and one who always lies. How do you determine which one likes big butts?

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  1. …hmmmm so Christie didn’t know about this until he heard about it on the news…where have I heard that before….


  2. Using boolean logic if both express “( ILikeBigButts && ICannotLie )” that means both of them like big butts. Which is logical since everybody likes big butts, don’t they?


  3. …are “promise zones” anything like a grenade version of those “promise rings” they hand out to kids? Cause those work great!


  4. silaS is overthinking this. You just need to have a girl walk in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in their face and see who gets sprung. Quod erat demonstrandum.



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