Random Thoughts: Chris Christie and the Bridge

Going by the IRS scandal, a few people in New Jersey are about to get punished with time off with pay.

The Christie scandal sounds bad, but with no one punished for IRS, Benghazi, and Fast & Furious, I don’t know what Democrats plan to make of it.

If we were really progressive, we’d be trying to figure how we can live without the environment, plants, and various annoying animals.

We’re still too focused on the bigots of the past and not calling out enough the new types of bigots of the present age.

Lesson learned: Never ever trust a moderate.

Nothing more dishonest then a rich man going on about income inequality.

In Linux, instead of “permission denied,” it should be “sudo didn’t say.”

Don’t want to repeat someone else’s joke, so has anyone yet mentioned that Chris Christie is fat?

I don’t know how I’m supposed to react to the suffering of people in New Jersey.

Need to cut back on politics; I often get outraged now and have no idea why. OBAMA!!!

Hopefully we’ll get to hear from the victims. “I was on the bridge a really long while.”

If you don’t give politicians any power, they can’t abuse it.

If you’re outraged by the Christie thing but have remained a big supporter of Obama through his scandals, that’s called cognitive dissonance.

How about Chris Christie apologize and do the truffle shuffle and then we forget this whole thing ever happened.

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  1. * That bridge was just a bridge to nowhere.

    * He couldn’t call it off because his fingers were too fat.

    * Truffle shuffle shovel. There.


  2. Nothing more dishonest then a rich man, especially one who’s never worked a day in his life or even wrote the books that made him rich, going on about income inequality.

    There, I fixed it.


  3. but yelling at christie diverts the attention from hillary who admitted that her stance on the war was purely political.

    just what we want in a new prez.


  4. I don’t see what the big deal is…he went above the law and held American citizens as hostages so that he could get his way, stay in power, and continue to advance the liberal agenda? What exactly is the problem?


  5. It’s not that we give them power, it’s that they take the power and nobody has the courage to take it back.


  6. he blames his underlings for the shut down but it was Christie’s walk to work day.

    Steve, the time is now


  7. How about Chris Christie apologize and do the truffle shuffle

    I’d vote for him if he did that and right now my plan is to never vote GOP ever again.


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