Random Thoughts: Downton Abbey, TSA, and Zelda

According to the TIME quiz, liberals have cats crawling over their messy desks while their kids run around screaming. But they use Chrome.

Community is awesome again. And Jonathan Banks is great.

The intensity of the focus on the NJ thing demonstrates that to the MSM the biggest scandal of all is being a Republican.

It would be refreshing one day to meet someone outraged with the substance of a scandal and not from political disagreement with the subject.

To save money, why don’t we just assume it’s made in China unless labeled otherwise.

Wearing a watch for the first time in years. Taking a bit of retraining to look at my wrist for the time versus the nearest computer screen.

NEW DOWNTON ABBEY: Dowager Countess accidentally makes eye-contact with the scullery maid. Edith depresses the servants with her plainness.

NEW DOWNTON ABBEY: Isis, Carson are scared of the new vacuum cleaner. Robert continues to be wrong about everything.

NEW DOWNTON ABBEY: Inexplicably, people continue to listen to/believe Barrow. Rose wears pants and is banished from Downton.

If TSA sees you have a Leatherman and says, “That’s a knife!” say “That’s not a knife!” and pull out bowie and say “This is a knife!” and they’ll laugh and let you through.

Got a new Zelda game for my 3DS. Time to start smashing pots like a complete sociopath.

When is Nintendo going to catch up with last decade and fully voice a Zelda game?

The absolute worst kind of global warming is the kind that makes it colder.

How about instead of a moving walkway, a moving sitway where you sit and move. I guess that’s just a car.

Salted coffee doesn’t really work.

At one airport security they were yelling at people for taking laptops out, at another for leaving them in. How about signs explaining what you want?

I like the more lax airport security, but not every airport has it and they don’t don’t have signs up explaining exactly what’s expected.

Idea: an app that gets daily updated information telling you what’s expected at the security of each airport.

All this talk of gay propaganda being banned from Russia is just gay propaganda (and thus banned from Russia).

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  1. Harvey,
    In general, I thought season 4 was weak tea compared to the Dan Harmon seasons (and Chevy Chase was just phoning it in near the end), but I didn’t have as negative a reaction to the SpaceTime Convention as everyone else. Never got why that one was so particularly awful.


  2. “Salted coffee doesn’t really work.”

    When I was 13, I filled the sugar bowl will salt. Dad had salted coffee. He kicked my a%$. I can confirm first hand that it doesn’t work.


  3. “Salted coffee doesn’t really work.”

    My dad always puts a little salt in with the grounds when he brews a pot of coffee. He says it takes away some of the bitterness. I would try it, but I can’t get the salt inside the K-cup.


  4. @9 – I skimmed the story. It read like Democrats trying to “fix” health care and finally getting beat by Republicans:

    “Why don’t we just try free markets?”

    “Why didn’t we think of that?”


  5. “I like the more lax airport security, but not every airport has it and they don’t have signs up explaining exactly what’s expected.”
    I find that stripping naked and reciting the St Crispin’s day speech from Henry the V gets you past all that awkward terrorist suspicion. Sure, there’s other suspicion, but they treat you better.


  6. I can vouch for the salted coffee opinion. My sweet husband fixed me a cup of coffee when we were visiting my parents, as I was Very pregnant and he was being helpful. He mixed up Mom’s sugar and salt canisters, and I nearly puked in Mom’s living room.


  7. To be fair, after three decades, you’d think Hyrulians would stop hiding their life savings in their ceramics.

    They kind of have it coming.



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