Random Thoughts: Marijuana, Theory of Law, and Intellectuals

Good thing Lieutenant Yar was on the Enterprise and not a pirate ship since it would have been confusing to tell if she was being called.

Oh, guess it wasn’t a good thing since she was killed after just 22 episodes.

So how long are we go to call the over a century-old failed ideas of tax & spend and expanding government “progressive”?

After a certain amount of time, you should at least change the name from “unemployment” to “welfare.”

My calculus on the marijuana legalization question is that it’s not something I’m willing to shoot people over.

Isn’t that the gold standard for laws? “Am I willing to shoot someone over this?” There is an implied violent threat with every law.

That’s why so much of the left today are psychopaths; they’ll point a gun at you over a plastic bag or a large soda.

I’m the country’s foremost public intellectual.

I was a private intellectual for awhile, but I got outed.

Prediction: George R.R. Martin eventually publishes the 6th book, but never the 7th. Still more satisfying than ending to Lost.

We’re just going to have to persevere until 2017 when Joe Biden become president and fixes everything.

The vast majority of people extremely certain about global warming don’t understand the science either.

PRO TIP: Instead of pleading “not guilty,” juries are much more impressed if you plead “double not guilty!”

If the government really has a way to shut down all the internet, we should have a holiday where they do that once a year.

The best evidence that Obama is racist is that he thought Joe Biden was smart for a white person.

First, they ban guns.
Second, they ban speech.
Third, they close down the skate park.
Fourth, ???
Fifth, profit.

WW1 didn’t seem like it was one of the fun wars.

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  1. First, they raise the minimum wage to $15/hr.
    Second, they ban businesses from laying people off.
    Third, they ban businesses from leaving.
    Third, everyone goes broke.
    Fourth, ???
    Fifth, Communists are happy and I’m living on the ocean.


  2. Re: the government shutting down the internet, and “There is an implied violent threat with every law.”

    John Dickenson similarly wrote in his first “Letter from a Farmer in Pennsylvania” (1767) about the British parliament’s shutting down of the New York Legislature:

    It seems therefore to me as much a violation of the liberties of the people of that province, and consequently of all these colonies, as if the parliament had sent a number of regiments to be quartered upon them till they should comply. For it is evident, that the suspension is meant as a compulsion; and the method of compelling is totally indifferent.


  3. Silly Man, todays’ Government isn’t “Progressive”, it’s Repressive (141 new Regulations in three days?)


  4. “Isn’t that the gold standard for laws? “Am I willing to shoot someone over this?” There is an implied violent threat with every law.”

    How do regulations fit into that? “I’m willing to wound you slightly for a regulation?”


  5. What would I need to do to prove I’m a foreleast intellectual? Or maybe a different number than fore? And do I need to play golf?

    Frank – Does your being foremost mean you yell “fore” before all intellectual pronouncements?


  6. WW1 didn’t seem like it was one of the fun wars.

    Would you like to point out any of your “fun wars” and why you consider any war fun.



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