Random Thoughts: Planet Hillary and Inequality,

This is pretty awesome.

Hard to depict someone as a planet and make it flattering.

Frankly, this country needs more tearing apart.

But why did Supertramp want us to get into a war in Iraq?

I keep hoping each new State of the Union speech will be the one where Obama finally breaks down and admits he has no idea what he’s doing.

If you ever started beating a dead horse, it really is hard to stop. You just lose yourself in it.

So what does a starving child in Africa think of a fat American whining about how other people have so much more income than him?

If you’re an American – even a “poor” one – just remember it’s income inequality IN YOUR FAVOR.

Americans complaining about income inequality are basically millionaires whining they’re not billionaires.

I think it helps you understand Hillary better if you imagine her as a giant, fleshy planet.

The Windows command prompt gets offended if you accidentally type “ls” instead of “dir.”

My least favorite parts of Assassin’s Creed 4 are the Assassin’s Creed parts. It’s a fun pirate game, though.

I don’t care how much money people give to candidates and thinks it’s stupid anyone would be arrested for that.

I would never give money to candidates myself, though.

We should be able to walk around smoking dope and carrying firearms and throwing whatever cash we want at politicians! #Freedom

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  1. It’s appropriate that Hillary is portrayed not as a planet, but as a satellite. A hanger-on. A parasite.

    It’s a good image of that moon-faced cow.


  2. “I don’t care how much money people give to candidates and thinks it’s stupid anyone would be arrested for that.”

    Right. It’s my money. I have a right to give it to anybody I want to.


  3. I’m with you. I keep waiting for Obama to burst into tears mid-speech and start blubbering “I don’t know what I’m doing. I just wanted to help people.”


  4. Thinking about Obama melting down during a SOTU speech, there’s a parallel to be found between Obama and Justin Bieber:

    Both are girlish, wanna-be thugs. (Bieber eggs a neighbor’s house, Obama sics the IRS on his opponents.)

    Both are one major crisis away from a full-blown, fembotian, tear-soaked meltdown.

    Obama and Bieber while trying to play up a caricaturic image of blackness can’t help but underscore their clumsy Caucasian nature. (Mom jeans and sideways hats anybody?)

    Obama and Bieber are both surrounded by a retinue of toadies and security which insulate them from the real consequences of their unchecked, petulant actions.

    (There’s more that could be said but both of these people are insignificant stories that recieve way too much attention.)


  5. Obama will never break down and admit his shortcomings. Dummycraps just continue to bull their way forward, confident that this time will be different.


  6. I got so tired of the Windows command prompt complaining about ‘ls’, that I opened up notebook, typed dir, saved it as “ls.bat” (save as type All Files), and slapped it into system32.

    Ha ha, stoopid Windows.



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