You Can Keep THIS Doctor

Posted on January 14, 2014 8:00 pm

A New York woman faces animal cruelty charges after police say the woman neutered a dog and a kitten for friends who didn’t want to pay veterinarians for the surgery.

And under Obamacare, you’ll be lucky if you can still find a doctor this qualified.

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8 Responses to “You Can Keep THIS Doctor”

  1. CCO says:

    That’s not animal cruelty; that’s practicing veterinary medicine without a license.

  2. CCO says:

    Speaking of doctors, one source says Robert Gates fell and hurt himself.

  3. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Farmers have been neutering various livestock for centuries, very often, um, orally. Why not pets?

  4. Harvey says:

    @3 – Mike Rowe castrates lambs:

    Mike Rowe talks about what he learned from castrating lambs:

  5. CCO says:

    Yeah, I was the holder for a lot of little boar pigs becoming little barrows. All it takes is a razor blade.


  6. Harvey says:

    @5 – Watch the first link in #4. It gets explained in the first 2 minutes, and yeah, it makes sense to do it that way.

    There’s a skeeve factor to it, but once you steel yourself to the notion, it’s the fastest way to do it, and speed is your friend when doing castrations.

  7. Anonymiss says:

    @6 Skeeve factor….ya THINK?

    I haven’t watched anything and I’m grossed out.

    Why do I read this blog again…? Geeez.

  8. Harvey says:

    @7 – Be nice… sheep ranching is an honorable profession. You owe every fluffy wool sweater in your closet to good men like that.

    I am so grateful that there are men who will do that so I don’t have to.

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