Atlas Gave Up

[Giving Up: The Audiobook] (Viewer #39,087)

I already have the cats part down to a science.

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  1. As a self-appointed therapist, I respectfully disagree with this. You can do all the things they suggest AND reach your goals easily – with little to no effort.

    That’s why I advise all my patients: take all of the money the government gave you, and blow it on scratch cards! You only need one to pay off!

    Video keno is also an acceptable substitute.


  2. He doesn’t even mention applying for unemployment/welfare/SSDI/Section 8/EBT/Obamaphone/Medicaid. You can’t just give up on your own and the government is there to help! Please remember to sign the enclosed voter registration card and we’ll throw in 3 additional fake identities, a $150,000/year value at no extra cost to those who already gave up.



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