But Smoking Pot Is Totally Harmless, Right?

A new study shows that sitting for hours on end is as unhealthy as smoking.

Just waiting for Michelle’s Let’s Move! program to start hammering people on the dangers of second-hand sloth.

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  1. I think this is one of those “everything is bad for you” things. I keep waiting for the study that says that toothpaste is bad for your teeth.

    More to the point, it kind of seems like the assessments of the relative dangers of smoking keep getting downgraded, even if the assessment of the absolute dangers seem to be fairly stable. (I say ‘assessments’ because the actual dangers are gonna be constant, even if we really don’t accurately know what they are. See also nutritional guidelines– those evolve and change, bur most things aren’t literally more or less healthy now vs. then.)


  2. Its not smoking or drinking or even drugs that will do you in! I had an aunt who never did any of those things and died at an early age. Of natural causes
    My grandfather was a different story ……. heavy smoker heavier drinker and he lived til his late 80’s



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