Captain Whinypants Says…

President Obama complained that Fox News presents only a “caricature” of his presidency.

They HAVE to. If it were 100% accurate, people wouldn’t believe it’s not a parody.

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  1. Hey, we’re not the ones who called Fort Hood “workplace violence,” or unemployment freedom, or Hillary a diplomat. We’re not the ones who claimed he shot skeet all the time, or that his wife was an expert on diet and exercise, or stood him up in front of an elementary school class with his teleprompter.

    We tend to judge him not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his caricature.


  2. well even if it WERE true…the left wing media portrays every conservative ever as a caricature, not just the Presidents so….world’s smallest violin.


  3. global warming is settle science.

    Iranian warships approaching our waters now.

    China claiming the Senkaku Islands of Japan while Japan-Russia dispute the Kuriles.

    Israel, Great Britain, Canada insulted.

    Poland hung out to dry after agreeing to accept a missle defense.

    our southern border wide open with Obama appointee Sotomayor saying it is insulting to call illegals “criminals.”

    the IRS terrorizing US citizens.

    The US healthcare system destroyed.

    NASA has, as a primary mission, muslim outreach.

    Benghazi, still unknown where Obama was for the 7 hours.

    Heating oil up $3.00/gal, so Obama adds an additional fee to each gallon in the dead of winter.

    $1.4 billion spent on vacations for Obama in one year, 2011, alone.


    James Rosen

    Sharyl Attkisson.

    Ambassadors unknowledgeable about their appointed countries, but big donors to DNC.

    I wish this was a parody, but it isn’t even close to a full list.


  4. To think that just over a hundred years ago a U.S. president (Theodore Roosevelt) had the naval fleet painted snow white and sent it round the globe in a show of national strength. Come a century later, Iranians are sending their ships to try to intimidate us!

    And the pathetic, shameful thing is that Obama, while cowering under his desk, would prove how successful they are.


  5. Hey Barry, we wanted a caricature but all we got was you. No one, fan or foe can create a scenario where your actions, your words or your past makes you seem competent, ethical or desirous of an successful and free United States.



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