Citizens for a REALLY Safe Ashland

[High Praise! to AT]

[Citizen satirizes proposed local firearms ordinances] (Viewer #215,609)

The audio quality is… less than optimal… but you should be able to enjoy it in spite of that.

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  1. I used to live in Ashland for 8 years! I’m actually impressed he would do this, the town has a bad “ostrich” policy regarding crime. There was a decapitation a few years back, gang related, and the police investigation was botched. End result was they just ended up denying there was any lingering danger. This man will now be on the radar for not being one of the “hive”, but I wish him luck!


  2. This is classic and very well presented satire on the foolishness of passing frivolous laws.
    Really Really Safe! and for the children.
    Very well done.



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