Do Svidanya, Rabbit Food

Russia reports that “Russian space farmers” have managed to grow a variety of crops on board the International Space Station that have been verified as safe to eat.

The astronauts also reported that they’d trade them all for just one Big Mac.

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  1. Oppo, you can belt out half a dozen puns without breaking a sweat… how come you never submit anything to lolbama?

    You would be perfect for it.

    Hey, even walrus chimes in. Are you going to let him show you up?


  2. @6: OK, I’ll try, but it’ll have to be in text form in the comments section of lolbama. You know that some of us never have and never will acquire photoshopping skills.

    And Walrus is a tough customer to try to keep up with! I’d be the egg-on-my-face-man!



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