Eric Holder Knows Justice

Eric Holder said that state bans on allowing felons to vote are “too unjust to tolerate”.

Absolutely. We shouldn’t make dead people do ALL the voting for Democrats.

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  1. if the felons didn’t like the punishment, they didn’t have to commit the crime.

    i thought that was what deterrence was all about.

    holder is correct. it wasn’t enough to deter, so we need to increase the penalty. otherwise it is unjust. “too unjust to tolerate”. poor undeterred felons. it isn’t their fault that the punishment wsn’t severe enough to get their attention.


  2. There is only one right that the Constitution grants conditionally: The right to vote.

    Democrats want to reverse that because felons tend to vote Democrat. Democrats want a path to citizenship instead of a path to green cards, because people who entered the country illegally tend to vote Democrat. Democrats don’t want I.D. laws for voting because people who are too useless to do adult things like getting a driver’s license tend to vote Democrat.

    If I were somebody who voted Democrat, I would take a look at the company I keep and rethink some of my decisions.



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