I Like My Black Guys Like I Like My Coffee: Dark and in No Way Associated With Filthy Liberal Starbucks Baristas

Posted on February 13, 2014 10:00 pm

I recognize Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Herman Cain, and Thomas Sowell. Help me out with the two guys in the middle.

By the way, you ever notice that every “African-American” in Obama’s cabinet isn’t really black? More of a pale, sickly shade of yellow.

Go ahead. Name me one deep-ebony face that Obama’s appointed to anything.

That’s one of the (many) reasons I like Herman Cain. His skin is dark enough that it looks spectacular above a gold necktie.

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23 Responses to “I Like My Black Guys Like I Like My Coffee: Dark and in No Way Associated With Filthy Liberal Starbucks Baristas”

  1. HR says:

    Middle left is Tim Scott, Senator from South Carolina. Nice lookin’ guy, good brain.

  2. jw says:

    the guy under clarence thomas is tim scott, senator from south carolina.

  3. Sabo says:

    One is Senator Tim Scott, of South Carolina and the other is Dr. Ben Carson

  4. jw says:

    the guy under allen west is Ben Carson MD. pediatric neurosurgeon, medal of freedom.


  5. jw says:

    obama appointed michelle first lady. does that count?

  6. slapout says:

    Dr. Ben Carson is the one who made the great speech at the prayer breakfast last year

  7. Veeshir says:

    Obama appointed Charles Payne to be investigated and audited.*

    Does that count? He’s pretty dark-skinned.

    *I assume, he works for Foxnews and has said bad things about the Obama admin.

  8. jw says:

    Van Jones, Mark Loyd.

  9. jw says:

    here is Dr. Carson’s Prayer Breakfast speech. 27 1/2 minutes long:


  10. Harvey says:

    @8 – Ok, I’ll spot you those two, but with asterisks, as Van Jones was “Green Jobs Czar” for like 6 months before resigning in disgrace, and Mark Lloyd was “associate general counsel and Chief Diversity Officer at the Federal Communications Commission”, which sounds like the political equivalent of “key grip” or “best boy” in film credits.

    But yeah, I’ll admit they both had a good ebony hue going on.

  11. jw says:


    nope, no asterisks. you originally talked cabinet and, assuming Holder isn’t ebony enough, you were correct.

    however, you expanded to “Name me one deep-ebony face that Obama‚Äôs appointed to anything.”

    i gave you two appointees. i truly hate to be on obamas side for anything, but i must on this one.

    no asterisks.

  12. Harvey says:

    @11 – DOH!

    Curse my sloppily-constructed rhetoric!

  13. DamnCat says:

    OK – so who’s the guy on the left?

  14. Harvey says:

    @13 – Don’t know. I think it’s some dog-eater named Bracky Soretoe or something.

  15. Tater Salad says:

    There is one major thing dividing the guy on the left and the group on the right…the obligatory sideways baseball cap.

    The guy on the left would be seen wearing one, and tossing up a few handsigns, if it’d get some votes or support. The group on the right, probably wouldn’t be caught dead with one.

  16. Harvey says:

    @15 – Backwards, actually:


  17. Tater Salad says:

    Damn. The guy is such an Urkel that he can’t even get that right.

  18. Harvey says:

    @17 – Dang… I think you owe Urkel an apology for that one…

  19. Samuel L. Jackson says:

    Oh HELL naw! You blind-ass Honkeys are NOT comparing President Obama with that highwater pants, belt-and-suspenders-wearin’ geek brotha! Even if both of those brothas got away scot-free with all kindsa nonsense! It just proves that you Ofays can’t tell one brotha from another! And the only reason that President Obama was sportin’ a backways ball cap was that he didn’t go to the right store. Shug Knight, L’il Wayne, Snoop, Ne-Yo all know where to get them sideways-leanin’ kinda lids. I’m sure that Snoop gave Barack the connect and it’s only the racist press that’s banning all those shots of President Obama rockin the sideways brim.

    Those other brothas are some serious PBS-lookin’ negroes. Are they from some Black History Month special or Frederick Douglass’s grandkids?

  20. MPH says:

    It’s my understanding, based on a variety of sources, alas, all via the internet (but some at least of reasonable reputation for veracity), that the guy on the left does not qualify according to our laws to be considered a negro. To qualify as a “minority”, one must be at least 1/8th that minority. His father was arabic, which means caucasian, and his mother was also caucasian as well. You have to go back to a great-great-grandparent to find a negro in his background; making him 1/16th negro. Maybe that explains his aversion to the dark skinned.

  21. zzyzx says:

    Might also ‘splain his aversion to work.

  22. Samuel L. Jackson says:

    Honkeys got jokes about President Obama’s daddy. Only a willfully blind Ofay would think a KENYAN is a caucasian! Have you seen that negro? That’s a dark-skinned African brotha. What’s next Honkeys, gonna say that those orange colored Guidos from Jersey Shore are negro? Gonna say that George Hamilton is just a down brotha who has a thing for hair straightener? Seeing as how you all are mixing up Whiteys and negroes now.

    Damn, first you Whiteys confuse me with Laurence Fishburn and Morgan Freeman now you say that Kenyans are some Honkey ethnic muthas! Talk about a messed up buncha people!

  23. Oppo says:

    You were good as Dartboard’s Evaders.

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