Is There ANYTHING We Don’t Get From Them?

New research shows that pollution from Chinese industrial factories carries across the Pacific Ocean and contributes to air pollution in the US.

Great. Obama’s economy’s even managed to outsource our pollution.

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  1. And this is why I was opposed to the Kyoto Protocol right from the start, regardless of whether anthropogenic “global warming” turned out to be true or a hoax. One cannot control another country’s behavior unless one is willing to go to war. Suffocating one’s own industrial growth without guaranteeing that every last other country is doing the same is simply economic suicide, with no discernible effect on the climate, because however small you might make your carbon footprint, someone else will happily put on the big boots and stomp around. A lifetime of driving a hybrid will not make up for a single one of Al Gore’s jet-trips ’round the world to spread the gospel of self-denial. If we are doomed anyway, we might as well enjoy the ride.



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