It’s Like the Matrix Without Bullets or Good Music

Ok, some of those arm movements just make me wince & look away, and I hate pretty much every note of the music, but on the other hand, I really like watching people who are really good at something doing that something that they are really good at.

These people are they:

[Dragon House | Dubstep] (Viewer #97,743)

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  1. So, doing the Robot is called Dubstep now?
    They’re good, but that Japanese/Korean/whatever group that you showed months ago was better.


  2. Dubstep is the music, the dance is Popping. It’s descended from the Robot, and a lot of the components are called robotics; this video is mostly robotics. Popping has evolved to incorporate a fluidity that’s different than the original Robot, which is better seen in this dance to Pumped Up Kicks that I think has been linked already.

    I really enjoy this woman’s combination of popping and bellydance in the first song (which you’ll notice is a remix of Freestyle’s Don’t Stop the Rock from the 80’s):
    Edenia Popping and Fusion Bellydance at Club Bellydance. The second song is more robotic and I don’t like it as much.



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