Link of the Day: Polar Vortex, Polar Bear, Penguin… It Must Be Global Warming, Right?

[High Praise! to 4of7 of Little Worlds]

2014 Fresh – January!

Despite all the cold-weather-related titles, there are a LOT of warm colors in the art this time, so drop your mittens and rub your hands together over at Little Worlds.

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  1. I have to create an award I can give out to those who give me ideas that I can turn into designs, sort of like the iconic ‘High Praise!’ image.
    I was thinking about something like, “I was a source of inspiration at Little Worlds!” superimposed over one of my drawings.
    Maybe I should go to and learn how to photoshop.


  2. I have to say, it’s awesome to see a suggestion turned into art!

    “Hey, Leonardo — You know how in portraits everyone always looks either serious or happy? Why don’t you try to capture something in between?

    “Yo, Michaelangelo. I’ll bet you can’t draw God! I mean, come on!”

    “Pablo, how would that hangover look?”


  3. The ancient Greeks had a posse of minor goddesses called ‘the Muses”
    Their job was to inspire various kinds of artists.
    I guess that’s the secret of success for small gods – find a niche and fill it. (Terry Pratchett wrote a book called “Small Gods” which covered that topic – like most of his books, it made me laugh and think. It’s quite good).
    Anyway, thinking of that made me think that maybe I can call the award a ‘Musey’.
    But then that made me think of actor Gary Busey, and his spotted career, and then I thought, “Naaaah!”


  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I’m going to put up a batch of work from past years on Friday.
    Maybe everybody can vote on which work should provide the background for the ‘Musey’ when I finally get it made?
    Just thinking…


  5. Seconding Anonymiss’s adoration of the concept and name

    Maybe it should be a drawing of the “idea” of a light bulb 🙂


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