Link of the Day: The 12 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for True Nerds

(Submitted by Anonymiss of Nuking Politics via [High Praise!])

WARNING: This is from Cracked, so the commentary has enough gratuitous swear words to make a sailor blush (and as a former sailor, I speak with credibility on this issue), but the pictures are all safe for work. So, go check it out, just don’t read anything except for the names of the items.

The 12 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for True Nerds

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  1. ok…I’ll admit it. I immediately bought 60 grams of Gallium. I always meant to, but never found an easy way. I just couldn’t walk away from that.

    Some of those other things…meh. they also didn’t have my favorite –

    the Blade Runner gun replica.

    you can get one here

    yes. I have one.


  2. A dragon MUG?… Really?

    Dragons are supposed to be on Flagons, and you don’t drink from them because that’s where the pellet with the poison is.



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