Money Well Spent

Posted on February 10, 2014 8:00 am

The Department of Health and Human Services spent $3 million on a study that brought television to more than a dozen remote villages in Vietnam to study its impact on their culture.

The result? Now there’s a Vietnamese word for “twerking”.

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5 Responses to “Money Well Spent”

  1. Oppo says:

    Well, for one thing, they learned from Nancy Pelosi that there is “nothing else to cut” in the federal budget; and that according to Obama “we don’t have a spending problem.”

  2. Oppo says:

    The result? 100% of the Vietnamese subjects said “Who watches television anymore? Why not just stream it from Hulu and Roku?”

  3. Harvey says:

    @2 – Basil has family in Vietnam?

  4. blarg says:

    @2 I was just thinking that. They probably thought “wow….How a$$ backwards are these American savages…still using televisions tlfor entertainment and propaganda”

  5. blarg says:

    Interestingly, this US government-funded study called the participants “subjects” because they’re living proof of the saying “an armed man is a citizen, an unarmed one is a subject”.

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