More things I don’t have to do

Posted on February 26, 2014 9:00 am

FlappyRobotJust in time for the pulling of the Flappy Bird app from Apple’s App Store …

Hey! I’ve figured out where Frank J’s been! He’s been so upset that Flappy Bird is no longer available that he’s holed up in a room somewhere, not wanting to deal with the world. But, he’ll be okay. He’ll be back soon, I’m sure.

Anyway, just in time for the pulling of the Flappy Bird app from Apple’s App Store, two guys in China built a robot to play Flappy Bird. Really. (via Dan Collins/Facebook)

How does this impact you? Or, more importantly, how does it impact me?

Well, it doesn’t. Not really. Because they’ve now built a machine to play a game that I don’t have time to play.

That means the Chinese have finally caught up to where I was in 2008, when the TiVo was recording shows I never watched. Then I’d delete the shows because I wasn’t going to watch them.

So, in 2008, instead of me watching all that TV, I just had the TiVo watch it for me. They’re building cars that drive themselves. The NSA reads my emails so I don’t have to. And, now, I don’t have to play Flappy Bird because I can have a robot play it for me.

Pretty soon, I won’t have to do anything. I’ll be able to do nothing, and be good at it.

Of course, I’ve had wives tell me I’m good for nothing, so once again, I’m ahead of the curve. Y’all catch up when you can.

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14 Responses to “More things I don’t have to do”

  1. Jimmy says:

    I hear polygamous marriages can troublesome like that.

    Just kidding, just kidding.


  2. Basil says:

    Ha ha.

    The wives were serial, not parallel.

    And the fact that I talk like that explains why they both kicked me to the curb, huh?

  3. Jimmy says:

    Not sure. But one must remember that the equations for resistance are different for serial vs. parallel marriage circuits. For serial wives, it’s:

    R= R1 + R2 + … Rn

    which is just the sum the resistance of all bitching wives. For wives in parallel, it’s:

    1/R = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + … 1/Rn

    I’m not sure how to interpret that.

    But “n” is the number of wives.


  4. Oppo says:

    … but, isn’t resistance futile?

  5. Jimmy says:

    Only if you have low capacitance, Oppo. Otherwise, you might have inductance into the Hall of Blame.

  6. Oppo says:

    Heh heh.
    Maybe they got married by a justice of the peace — you know, at a circuit court.

  7. Oppo says:

    … and then they went Ohm.

  8. Jimmy says:

    … because they were well grounded in their marriage vows.

  9. Oppo says:

    But when the spark was gone, he found another coil friend.

  10. Jimmy says:

    Things could get really tricky if we start talking about things like capacitive or inductive reactance.

  11. Jimmy says:

    …for which we’d have to call on Frank, I think.

  12. Fred Key says:

    I think Fred Pohl has been down this road before.

  13. raml says:

    12 excellent read

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