No! You Should Be HAPPY About It!

Responding to a CBO report that Obamacare will kill 2 million jobs, Democrats are actually spinning it as freeing people from “job-lock”.

Sure. And all those health practitioners quitting? Well, say goodbye to “doc-lock”!

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  1. no problem Harvey. the very use of the term “health practitioners” solves the problem. you may not be able to see your doctor, but nurse clinicians, nurse practioners, and physicians assistants abound. and when that isn’t enough the gov will expand to include pharmacists. optometrists will become the equal of opthamologists and someday maybe even opticians will, too. don’t forget naturopaths, chinese herbal medicine and, eventually the local hair dresser.

    once you saw the doctor. then it was a “health care provider”. now it is ” health practioner”. what once were “physician extenders” are now physician equivalents.

    all those out of work people can simply proclaim to be health practioners and enter the exciting world of medicine.


  2. Whenever you hear liberals using two or three words that you have never heard together in a sentence before, you can be sure you are hearing, or will soon hear, some world class bullsh*t. Where in the hell did they get the term “job-lock” from?


  3. “job-lock” = BAD
    “welfare-lock”= GOOD
    Remember that.

    I worked with a plumber who was also a fire fighter, he said he did it for the benefits, so I guess he can quit now.



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