Now THIS Is a Home-Defense Round

[G2R RIP 2014] (Viewer #1,723,386)

Also, an article from the Daily Mail doing their best tabloid-spin on it.

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  1. Do people really want a self defense round that “effective against plywood, sheetrock, cinder block, sheet metal, autoglass”?

    Doesn’t come in .357 Magnum? Why? Seems like there’s more of a market for that than .357 Sig. But guess if you are already making 9mm projectiles you can just stick them on a .357 Sig case.

    With exception of the .380, 96 grains is a big step down from the typical projectile used in these calbers.


  2. I’ve seen the tests in gel. It’s crap, but well marketed crap. That and try going to trial and explaining to the jury why you were using ammo called RIP. A good hollow point is cheaper and better.



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