Obama Warned Us – Mail Call

When I took office, I decided that each night I would read 10 letters out of the tens of thousands that are sent to us by ordinary Americans every day –- this is my modest effort to remind myself of why I ran in the first place. Some of these letters tell stories of heartache and struggle. Some express gratitude, some express anger. I’d say a good solid third call me an idiot — which is how I know that I’m getting a good, representative sample.

BARACK OBAMA, remarks at University of Michigan, May 1, 2010

“It also told me that I’m still suckering 2/3 of the American people.”

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  1. “Coincidentally”, the 1/3 get a visit by the IRS, the EPA, OSHA, the FBI, Homeland Security, and “accidentally”get added to the no-fly list.



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