Random Thoughts: Oppressors, Coffee, and Atheists

In a free country, there should be a stigma as bad as racism for people who try to use government force to solve every problem.

Last year Downton Abbey season finale was nothing happening for hour and a half and then boom. This one was just nothing happening.

Hit Bowser with a bunch of fireballs but he was just a goomba in disguise. #FirstWorldProblems

Flavored coffee? I thought coffee was a flavor.

Did police ever figure out who the Rumsfeld Strangler was?

We can’t have a free society unless we can force people to bake cakes.

Good rule of thumb on figuring out who is the oppressor: Look for who is using government force to make someone else do something.

A hundred years from now, people will look back on those who fought for gay marriage and say, “What a bunch of smug a-holes.”

You get the same nicotine fix from a vapor cigarette, but does it make you look as cool as you do smoking a real cigarette?

Anything you do is okay if you’re really really sure history will vindicate you.

“If you like your poison-free water supply, you can keep it! HAHAHAHAHA!” -Obama as a Batman villain

Ooh. I have a free Starbucks drink. What insane concoction shall I come up with?

I mean, I usually just get black coffee at Starbucks, or if I’m feeling exotic, an Americano, but seems a waste to use free drink on that.

BTW, Starbucks needs a place to report baristas who give you Pike’s Place when you clearly asked for the dark roast.

Why doesn’t Starbucks keep dark roast coffee brewed all day long? Who are these people who actually like Pike’s Place?

Bigots who didn’t want black people in their neighborhood would’ve seemed less awful if they came up with a fancy term like “gentrification.”

Harry Reid saying something stupid is too expected to register on my outrage meter. He once claimed taxes were voluntary.

The upper class’s attitude toward servants in Downton Abbey is a good example we should emulate for our attitude toward politicians.

“You won’t bake me a cake so I’m going to come back with the government and its guns to shut down your bakery.” -oppressed person

Religious objections to gay marriage aren’t going to go away and you will need to learn to live with them.

I don’t want my kids to be bullied; how hard is it to teach them to be the bullies?

I wish I got as much joy out of anything as my nine month old son does out of everything.

What about the people denied the right of marriage because no one likes them?

The reason atheists need to proselytize is so people will go to the good oblivion and not the bad oblivion reserved for religious people.

“I think everyone who believe in Jesus is an idiot and that Jesus would condemn everyone I don’t like.” -lots and lots of people, apparently

Legally, do we distinguish between “religious beliefs” and “beliefs”? Because, practically, I don’t think there is one.

The one thing I don’t get about the movie The Usual Suspects is how that detective didn’t recognize the vice president.

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  1. “Gotham, if you like your warmth, you can keep your warmth” — Obama as Mr. Freeze … (because after all, THAT is the Batman movie for Obama to be in, right?)


  2. In a free country, there should be a stigma as bad as racism for people who try to use government force to solve every problem.

    There is a word, fascist, but since we’re in the Funniest End of Civilization Ever, the actual fascists use it to attack people who want to limit gov’t.

    It’s a funny old world.

    So, you have a fixation on gay marriage and Starbucks?
    When are you going to start talking about soccer and leave SarahK for Harvey?


  3. @2 – Don’t get me wrong, Frank’s pretty cute, but Anonymiss is more my type. I like cookies and I hear Frank can’t bake his way out of a wet paper bag.


  4. Taxes are voluntary! As long as you don’t volunteer to work, you not only don’t have to pay them, they give you 5 or 6 other people’s and an Obama phone.


  5. It’s reassuring that Veeshir still sees something funny in the FEOCE.

    And Frank, let’s be honest. You need to write an actual article for your blog now.


  6. @5 So is FEOCE going to become the new YGDLTATSOTE?

    @6 THE Duff Goldman? Of the Canarsie Goldmans? Heirs to the aglet fortune made by Moishe Goldman after he fled Tsarist oppression in the mid-1800s? THAT Duff Goldman?

    Meh. He’s the reason that chick wants to get divorced from that “Blurred Lines” guy.


  7. FECE seems like a better acronym for it.

    @7 No, the Duff Goldman of Duff beer fame. He bakes in his spare time.


  8. Why do people who don’t believe Jesus was the son of God insist on telling me how Christians ought to live?
    And why does their advice on how to live the Christian life always exactly correspond to whatever the hell they happen to want me to do at that precise moment in time?



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