Pelosi: Then and Now

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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  1. Well, maybe she DOESN’T remember. Ask her if she remembers what she had for breakfast today — maybe she can manage that.

    Obama is a lot like Obamacare — we had to elect him to see what’s in him. That’s because he put up a false face, hiding his real intentions for our country. That’s standard operating procedure for autocrats and demagogues like our Mussolini for Morons (or il Duce for Dummies).


  2. And therein lies the problem, when dems talk about rates, they are actually talking about rats.
    Seriously though, anyone who believes a sentence uttered by a dem that contains the word “rates” (or any other word ever used by any language that has ever existed on Earth to a lesser extent), is too stupid to contribute to a positive human society, and should be forced to work in the deuterium mines on the moon.



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