Please, PLEASE Stop It With the Stupid Hipster-Quaint Obamacare Ads – UPDATED

(Submitted by The Looking Spoon via Independent Journal Review [High Praise!])


Yes, someone on the left actually thought this was a good idea:

Oh, and just to put a cherry on this scummy sundae, I made this:


Les of Nuking Politics [High Praise!] does it better:

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  1. “Sebelius!” — Harry Potter cursing the U.S. healthcare system.

    Hey, I just discovered on Wikipedia that her maiden name was Gilligan. Curse her for changing her name and depriving us of jokes!!


  2. Boy, do I wish they were castaways!

    Joe Biden is bumbling enough to be the Skipper, and even looks like him. But the name “Skipper” kind of connotes Obama, so I’m not sure. He sure ran the S.S. “Me Now” aground.

    Kerry is Thurston.

    Pelosi looks like Lovey.

    Maybe Abortion Barbie as Ginger? Doubt she’ll be around for all three seasons.

    I can’t think of a Democrat cute or likeable enough to be Mary Ann, nor one smart enough to be the Professor.

    Chris Matthews could guest star as the Japanese soldier from WWII who they convince is very goo-rooking.


  3. It’s a shame that Big Sis isn’t still a cabinet member. I’m sure that she’d make it very clear that I needed to get health insurance (actually, I have health insurance, but I haven’t had a mother for a bit more than a year, so the posters have no message for me).


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