Random Thoughts: DeForest, Koch, and the Winter Olympics

When Gary Oldman is a really old man, I’m going to make a pun.

Beer index is pretty interesting. How bad can minimum wage be here if we’re one of the easiest places to earn a beer?

I think something people don’t factor in is that food is a lot cheaper in the U.S. than a lot of other first world countries.

Think Michael Brendan Dougherty makes a great point here. I’ve been the eyerolling Christian before, and I don’t find it a strength.

My biggest failing as a father so far is that my daughter has yet to see Frozen 🙁

Probably a little late on this, but wouldn’t DeForest Kelley have been a good name for a Captain Planet villain?

Actually, what the hell kind of first name is “DeForest”?

How powerful are the Koch brothers if they couldn’t keep an incompetent failure from being reelected as president during a bad economy?

Just a couple more Transformers movies, and Michael Bay should finally figure out how to make one watchable.

What annoyed me about Bob Costas’s gun rant was how he said things everyone’s heard a million times like it was new and interesting. Made him seem very isolated from others’ opinions.

Vladimir Putin seems very insecure. He strikes me as a big Nickleback fan.

Great new idea I want to pitch: Fall Olympics

I bet it’s easy to find people to play D&D with on the Virgin Islands.

Has Russia ever thanked us for not nuking them?

Is it really a Great Britain anymore?

It apparently takes more than a couple decades to get over Communism.

Russia should really join Germany’s support group on getting over being evil.

New winter sport idea: snow boxing

Maybe incoherent madmen are just people whose brains have bad autocorrect.

I hate to say it, but most of these countries are absolutely pointless and in a free market would not exist.

I hope we’ve all learned that just because a nation is full of white people doesn’t mean it’s a first world country.

If modern day Liam Neeson had starred in Schindler’s List, it would have been about him single-handedly killing all the Nazis.

Like Liam Neeson, I hope to become a badass when I’m an old man.

In Soviet Russia, torch lights you.

So what is Josh Barro? Did some site find an angry troll from their comments and made him a columnist?

Sounds like this Dong Nguyen is basically the J. D. Salinger of iOS games.

Poor guy just wants to make video games; he doesn’t want to be bothered with lots of people playing them.

If the Olympics wants better ratings, they need to get Simon Cowell as one of the judges.

I have a good slogan for a place that teaches figure skating: Go Figure

iTunes software for Windows is Apple’s portrait of Dorian Gray, where all the buggy programming absent their other stuff resides.

“I’ve made sadness into a color; I call it beige. Let’s use it for everything.” -conversation decades ago, I assume

Q. What’s a germaphobe’s least favorite country?
A. GERMany

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  1. It apparently takes more than a couple decades to get over Communism.

    I think that Communism is actually irrelevant in Russia’s case. Russia sucked before it was Communist, it sucked while it was Communist, and it sucks now that it is no longer Communist. My conclusion is simply that Russia sucks, always has, and always will.


  2. Allow me to be the first to quote Wikipedia:

    “DeForest was named after the pioneering electronics engineer Lee De Forest”

    Must’ve been quite a disappointment to his parents that he pursued acting…


  3. “DeForest Kelley a good name for a Captain Planet villain” — a perfect name!

    It reminds me of an episode of “Rocky and Bullwinkle,” where Mr. Peabody and Sherman go back in time and land in a forest.
    Sherman says, “Mr. Peabody, the trees have all been cut down.”
    Mr. Peabody answers, “Yes, Sherman, this is the Are-gonne Forest.”


  4. So it takes the Irish 30 mins to earn a beer, at 40hrs/wk that’s 80 beers. So if Friday night they have enough money to buy 80 beers, where do they get drinking money for Saturday night?


  5. My biggest failing as a father so far is that my daughter has yet to see Frozen

    In that case you, my friend, are doing exceptionally well (or perhaps not paying close enough attention…)

    PS – How’s The Gathering coming along?


  6. My biggest failing as a father so far is that my daughter has yet to see Frozen 🙁

    Is a b-movie about people trapped on a chair-lift starving/freezing to death, only to ultimately be eaten alive by a pack of wolves really appropriate for a small child?


  7. Did Frank just make a Dorian Gray reference? Just when you think you know him, there’s another layer underneath…


  8. @15 – Speaking of which, how come Frank still looks as young and handsome as he did when he started this blog, but I keep getting older and uglier?


  9. @15 – I knew it from the horrible League of Legends movie.

    @16 – Instead of the dad from Family Ties, soon you’ll look like the grandpa from Family Ties (I assume they had a grandpa; I didn’t really watch that show).


  10. I hope Frank J. noticed this over at The Looking Spoon:

    Obama vows never to rest until this guy is brought to justice…
    The Looking Spoon | 2-10-14

    I loved this “random thought” (“I will not rest until I find the real jobs killer” — Obama) from Frank J. over at IMAO that I had to make it into an image.


  11. Somehow, whenever I hear Ear Leader go on about “I will not rest until…” I think that statement should immediately be accompanied by that old song “The Restless Wind”.



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