Random Thoughts: Guns, Obamacare, and Curling

People get this angry when you kill a giraffe? I hope no one goes digging through my backyard…

“Ain’t got time to bleed. In fact, Outlook says I’m double-booked for the next hour.”

Funniest/saddest thing about this story is NY is trying to prevent a Sandy Hook by making it a felony for gun possession at a school.

Yeah, a guy going to murder kids at a school is really going to be influenced by whether gun possession is a misdemeanor or a felony.

There is no basic logic or reason left in gun control. None.

“We want the red ones out of the house!” my 3yo daughter making a correct observation about curling. So proud.

Man, I forgot how exciting curling is. So much going on with both skill and strategy.

So that suicide bomb teacher was literally hoisted by his own petard.

So whatever happened to the gay basketball player? Did he win at basketball?

If you make law that isn’t crappy and isn’t poorly planned, then you don’t have to keep delaying parts of it.

Life is a lot like Flappy Bird — difficult and repetitive and full of hazards and then it just suddenly disappears entirely.

It’s. The. Lawish.

Lego Movie, you had me at “Will Arnett as Batman.”

Obama is replacing Democracy with Demokracy which tastes nearly the same.

Obama fixed health insurance with the same aplomb that a 3yo with a hammer would fix a laptop.

Apparently, before pulling it from the store, the creator of Flappy Bird updated it and it seems a lot easier now.

The name of my curling movie would be “Hurry! Hurry! Hard!” That would also be the name of the porn version.

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  1. All you need to know about curling: Two (TWO!) Hog Lines and no bacon enhanced performance testing. – The episode of Corner Gas with a curling themed plot was titled Hurry Hard and starred series creator Brent Butt. – Say what you may about curling, it remains the most difficult sport to satirize without that picking on the smallest kid feeling.


  2. It seems to me that if Obama were a Judge, like the kind in Judge Dredd, he’d confidently bellow, “I AM THE LAW,” but then immediately have to kill himself.


  3. I don’t like curling as a sport, because I can’t understand where the name comes from.

    “Baseball” – it has bases, it has balls

    “Football” – it has feet, it has balls

    “Soccer” – it has grown men running around playing a little girl’s game. I don’t get that one, either.


  4. At least curling is a sport, the play determines the winner, not like figure skating where you have to hope the Turkmenian judge isn’t indulging in some boiled goat at the moment and miss someone’s triple-dipple sow-cow.


  5. @10 walrus: “triple-dipple sow-cow.”

    Quick! Submit that to the “two words to describe Hillary” contest!



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