Random Thoughts: Lex Luthor, Joke Theft, and the Super Bowl

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor? And maybe Michael Cera can be Darkseid.

Calm down, people. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor might work. And Ben Affleck as Batman might… not be laugh out loud ridiculous.

I’m pretty sure it won’t be another Batman & Robin. That has to be a once in a lifetime thing.

They allow medical marijuana, so they should allow medical meth, like if the only way to pay for your cancer treatments is selling meth.

The main thing I see is a “War on Even a Marginal Amount of Intelligence in Political Discussions.”

J’accuse! Joke theft! -> Ann Coulter: Ted Kennedy Has The Only Confirmed Kill In The War On Women

This is my most retweeted tweet. Joke theft! Except I’m scared of Ann Coulter…

What do you do when you have a clear case of joke theft? Is there a division of the Department of Justice I talk to?

What’s a Bruno Mars? Does he sing the dubstep?

Was thinking: If Mitt Romney was elected and the Obamacare launch went the same as it did, wouldn’t he have been blamed for sabotaging it?

Aren’t the members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers like 60 now? Maybe they should start wearing shirts.

Is the 24 return going to take place in London? Maybe they can do a Sherlock crossover.

Haven’t been following the NFL – has Denver won games before?

In the 24 universe, Obama is the third – and by the far the worst – black president.

Obama makes me yearn for the Logan presidency.

I’d rather be complicit in genocide than wear Axe body spray.

That Bob Dylan ad was a nice eulogy for Detroit.

There. A touchdown. Now all Denver needs is for everyone on the Seahawks to die.

This is why they ask “Are you ready for some football?” at the beginning of the game. Denver should have said no.

We’re not supposed to be blogging about the Super Bowl without express written permission.

Don’t screw up the return of 24, FOX. America has been through enough.

Just before the game started, Peyton used up all his skill scoring a 37 on Flappy Bird.

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  1. Optimus Prime, with a sword, riding Grimlock. Just let that sink in for a bit. Transforming robot truck riding a tranforming robot Tyrannosaurus Rex. That was the best part of the Super Bowl


  2. AwesometificAmerican:
    That does sound pretty cool. I wish I had watched the game.

    Just kidding. About the wishing I had watched it. Not about the cool Transformersaurus Rex.


  3. I didnt watch the super bowl. Thanks to the magic of the internet i no longer have to suffer through the game just to watch the commercials. Another cool thing about the new TF trailer was, no Shia LePoof.

    I know folks hate on the Transformers movies and complain about plot holes big enough to drive a transforming semi-truck through but really all I wanted out of the movies is to vehicles racing at each other at 90mph and then transform into big honkin’ robots and beating the crap out of each other, and that i what I got and it looks like from the commercial we are going to get more of the same. This time I hope that Grimlock has a rocket launcher.

    I also want a Pacific Rim prequel. Giant Robots smashing Giant Monsters.


  4. I just don’t see how they can threaten to sue anyone who refers to the Super Bowl as the Super Bowl. Isn’t that what it is?

    Would a judge actually rule against you for referring to something by name?

    And the crazy thing is, I even saw news reporters going along with this, tip-toeing around the word. The same reporters that report on who won the Oscars(tm) this year.


  5. @8 – Actually, I can sorta see the NFL’s point on this one, since companies pay good money to be official sponsors. If just anyone can use the name, that dilutes the value of the brand.

    Sometimes the NFL is irksome and unreasonable about their enforcement, but they have the right to defend their intellectual property and profit from it.

    It might be a better strategy to just let people talk about it and let awareness spread organically instead of trying to keep things in check, but they’ve chosen an enforcement strategy. If it’s not optimal, that’s their problem.


  6. “What do you do when you have a clear case of joke theft? Is there a division of the Department of Justice I talk to?” – I thought the entire Justice Department is a joke.


  7. @9: You’re right.

    After posting that, I read a whole forum discussion on the subject, with lawyers weighing in and all that, and it’s a messy gray area with arguments on both sides. But one can’t have groups hosting a “Coca-Cola Party” without Coke’s approval.

    But the very town hosting the Super Bowl not being allowed to say they are hosting it, without prior approval, seemed over the top.


  8. My sister, a liberal just spend 20 minutes being outraged that apparently, the VW commercial was sexist and inappropriate.

    You see, the commercial stated that “every time a Volkwagen goes 100k miles, a Volkswagen engineer gets his wings”.

    HIS wings. Apparently implying that all engineers are men and this was an outrage.

    I pointed out to her that it also implies that all engineers exist within the Judeo-Christian paradigm where angels are good and becoming angelic is a reward for doing good things.

    None of the engineers got 72 virgins.

    Or a planet.

    Or attained Nirvana or whatever the appropriate Thetan level would be.

    Although I was just joking it totally blew her mind. Here she was wasting her outrage on mere sexism when there was a deeper more meaningful and righteous -ism right in front of her and she totally missed it.


  9. @14 I’m an engineer. Geez. Did she want them to say “every time a Volkwagen goes 100k miles, a Volkswagen engineer gets his or her wings”?

    Or you could be grammatically incorrect and say “a Volkswagen engineer gets their wings”?

    “his” is fine.

    I get what they’re trying to say. I’m not offended.

    It’s like the more offended a person gets, the more progressive they are.

    Yeah. *That* makes sense.

    I prefer harmony.


  10. @Anonymiss

    My sister is not an engineer. She is the farthest thing you can be from an engineer. She got a degree in communication, went back for an MBA in marketing, and after getting fired from a job she finally found after 3 years of unemployment thinks that it was her lack of a Doctorate that prevented her from success and she needs to get one. Poster-child for the Democrat party.


  11. @ ok wait…so was he the guy hiding behind that chick that was playing the drums?

    BTW – doesn’t Sheena Easton look good for 54?


  12. @20 – Didn’t watch it. Just knew the title. I work in the entertainment industry. A lot of junk hits my radar.


  13. @22 well…I’ve often subscribed to the milkman theory…my dad is about as Communist as they get. Rather disappointing considering we went to great lengths to escape Soviet Communism.


  14. There was never a Batman & Robin in the first place.

    That movie was never made, or even thought up. What are you talking about?

    Never happened.



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