Random Thoughts: Olympics, Clintons, and Valentine’s Day

It’s always so surprising to me that America never seems to stand out on the Olympic competitions that involve shooting.

You never get tired of eating bacon. You only get full.

Bob Costas’s Olympics coverage will now be on pay-per-view — a nickel a gander.

Weird that the only area where the left are clear on the rights of private organizations is when it comes to censoring views they don’t like.

Do we really need special exposes to tell us the Clintons are awful people? Shouldn’t that be in the history books by now?

Obama knows there are a lot of lonely people on Valentine’s Day, so to help he’s mandated you must get a girlfriend or pay a fine.

So where does trying to get rapists the vote factor in the War on Women?

A fight on the debt ceiling wouldn’t have been smart, but it’s not like giving more money to irresponsible idiots is smart either.

The nice thing about government possibly collapsing under debt is that control then automatically goes to the right-wing nutjobs with guns.

One day I’ll sit alone at the cool kids’ table.

Are some people celebrating raising the debt limit? Even if you think it’s necessary, the emotion should still be shame.

I love 5 Guys, but the one thing they need to improve is their method for remembering whether to put bacon on a burger.

“There’s nothing in the curling rule book saying the skip can’t be a dog.” -script for new Air Bud movie I’m writing

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  1. We’ll yeah, but any good American shooter will look at the snow, look at the skis, look at their snowmobile -which they have because this is America- and say “skiing, f*** that”. Then spend more time shooting…



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