Random Thoughts: Trump, Whatsapp, and Wedding Cakes

“I am very interested in what this Trump fellow has to say about conservatism.” -liberal journalist wanting to make fun of conservatives

Invite Trump to CPAC. Disinvite his hair.

“I have drawn a red line, and to make sure the Ukraine government doesn’t step over it, I won’t tell them where it is.”

I don’t remember seeing a single gay marriage in The Jetsons. #WrongSideOfHistory

I’d love to see a poll of how many people who believe the science on man-made climate change think it could lead to more asteroid impacts.

Took that “Which Downton Abbey Character Are You Quiz” and got “Mr. Green.” Don’t watch the show; is he a duke?

Can never remember if it’s btfss or bftss because it’s unintelligible nonsense either way.

Oh. “What’s aaaaapp.” I just got it. That will be one billion dollars.

I’m a laugh a minute (next laugh in 37 seconds).

Whatever happened to Chuck Hagel? If I knew making him Secretary of Defense would disappear him, I’d have lobbied Bush to do it.

If you make a popular app with no ads, is your business strategy to get bought up by a larger company?

BREAKING: Absolutely everyone is using this app no one’s heard of.

First they came for the lawyers, and I didn’t say anything because I am not a lawyer. Now everything is awesome.

Afraid that during one of the Olympic events, a country will start chanting, “Poo-S-A!” and we’ll be so burned we can’t do anything about it.

I wish I was a hotshot pilot. Or some other sort of hotshot. What are the hotshot options other than “pilot”?

“We have nothing to fear except… FEAR ITSELF!” -Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a.k.a., the Scarecrow

Getting on a plane really early with two small kids and lots of luggage went about as well as could be expected, i.e., it was hellish.

I miss them having razor blade disposal slots in airplane bathrooms; now I end every flight with handfuls of dirty razor blades.

So making creme brûlée is more complicated than setting Jello pudding on fire?

Can everyone responsible for passing Obamacare apologize because it is really really offensive.

It would be easier to tell if people were criticizing the president only because he’s black if he weren’t also so aggressively incompetent.

Do you think the graffiti guys who can only do unintelligible scrawl get self-esteem issues versus those who can do the big blocky letters?

Never really got what was Piers Morgan’s qualification other than that he has a British accent.

American liberals have enough trouble understanding conservative. Seems extra foolish to then bring in a foreign liberal.

Would Jesus support using government force to make Christians bake cakes for gay weddings? Is that a serious question?

Shouldn’t the condemnation be focused on the people who thought, “Since you won’t make me a cake, I’ll use the government to destroy you!”?

If I go forward to hit the invisible block with the 1up mushroom in it, I won’t be able to go down the green pipe. #FirstWorldProblems

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  1. Took that “Which Downton Abbey Character Are You Quiz” and got “Mr. Green.” Don’t watch the show; is he a duke?

    No; he’s the one who was killed in the study, with a candlestick.


  2. The only thing I know about Downton Abbey it is a British period drama. I am only interested in British period shows when some guy in blue police box shows up to fight an alien invasion. There you go BBC a million dollar (pound? Euro?) idea for free. Combine Downton Abbey with Dr. Who and instant success. Your welcome both sides of the pond.


  3. I believe that certain types of Fire Fighters can be referred to as “Hot Shots” (Im thinking the guys that parachute into forest fires AKA Smoke Jumpers)


  4. What are the hotshot options other than “pilot”?

    Oracle DBA (says every Oracle DBA I’ve had to work with)


  5. If I go forward to hit the invisible block with the 1up mushroom in it, I won’t be able to go down the green pipe. #FirstWorldProblems
    Should this be #MarioWorldProblems?


  6. Should this be #MarioWorldProblems?

    At the risk of damaging the joke by explaining it: the problem presented is in world 1-1 of the game. So it’s a “first world” problem.


  7. I took the “Which Captain Kangaroo Character are You?” quiz and got Mr. Green Jeans. I did watch the show, and he was awesome!


  8. *Snicker*

    You guys are funny. Glad I’m sorta back.

    My favorite phrase today: “aggressively incompetent”.

    I think I’m gonna try that out in conversation today. I even have an idea who I’ll try it *on*.


  9. @9 By the way, I didn’t like either of the wedding cakes I tried this weekend.

    Maybe the problem was that they were gay and I’m straight.

    I *do* weddings, and you know, this just made my life much more complicated.

    I’m gonna have to make cute little chalkboard signs with swirly letters that say
    “Cake for Gays Only
    (You won’t like it if you’re straight)”


    I’m gonna have to buy *bigger* cute little signs.


  10. Apparently, Frank is also “back” – but from where, no one knows.

    I’m beginning to think Frank is a ghost.


  11. Realistically, how many gay couples are there that only know one cake decorator, and that cake decorator is a homophobe.

    If somebody is honestly having trouble finding somebody that will make a fancy cake for him, it has to be Phil Robertson.


  12. How gay are you really if someone else bakes your cake? Gay wedding cake baking should be for the last gay standing after the fighting over the kitchen is done. – Stereotypical Humor Guy.



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