Random Thoughts: Wendy Davis and Nagin

You’re always an idiot to get excited for a politician, but the people propping up Wendy Davis as a hero were beyond the pale stupid.

Ace is right; this needs to be a standard talking point: “Even Wendy Davis is against abortion after 20 weeks.”

If Dems were angrier about what happened about Katrina than they were gleeful to have an attack on Bush, would have condemned Nagin ages ago.

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  1. So Wendy Davis new slogan should be “I am for everything you are for and against everything you are against” Basically she will say anything that she believes will get her votes and is not even prentending to be shameful about it.


  2. If a liberal seems gleeful it usually means some tragedy has occurred that they can exploit so they can take a break from slaughtering their own in their pursuit of liberalism.



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