Random Thoughts: Wonk, Gender, and Shall Issue

Never quite understood exactly what a “wonk” is. I thought it was the past-tense of “wink.”

Maybe I’m from a much simpler more primitive times, but I don’t get the problem of letting your gender be determined by your chromosomes.

Even King Leonidas felt a little sorry for the guy who got lost and asked him, “Is this Athens?”

My new Facebook gender is “uber-heterosexual super-male who is not over-compensating for anything.”

The last few states without right to carry need to get with the times, because obviously it’s “inevitable.”

According to game theory, games are fun.

I only in my life knew one person who liked Pepsi better than Coke. He was a student at my college. We called him “Pepsi Dave.”

He claimed drinking Coke gave you cancer.

So states left that are “may-issue” are Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island.

Washington D.C. is “no-issue” on carry permits, but I doubt that will stand very long.

Wikipedia has a nice GIF showing how shall-issue spread from a handful of states to almost the whole country.

Facebook’s 50 new gender options are kind of undermined by how after you pick one it asks, “But what are you really?”

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  1. Maybe I’m from a much simpler more primitive times, but I don’t get the problem of letting your gender be determined by your chromosomes.

    Just remember, if facebook has new options for people with just “X” or with “XXY” then it’s only because they have advertisers who wanted to know so they could target those demographics…


  2. How ironic, Vermont is “unrestricted” and yet it’s about 90% liberal pukage (and 99.999% white) who moved there to escape….something, I assume. I wonder what that was and I wonder if that’s why they want guns? hmmmmmm
    Celebrate Diversity….from a distance, while armed.


  3. I can understand your confusion on “wonk”.

    Al Gore was a “wonk”, I used to think it was the present perfect tense of “wanker”.

    But then I figured it out, a wonk is someone who the author of the article agrees with and wants you to know is smart so you should agree with him too.

    I wish we could just go back to “innie” and “outie”.

    There are hardly any eunuchs around anymore, well, except for in EUnuchstan, but who cares about them?

    Harvey, I wouldn’t put too much faith in the free state project, it’s being countered by Massholes escaping taxachussetts and then voting in the same pols who destroyed that erstwhile bastion of freedom.


  4. …so as I understand the situation in Commiefornia now – they will have to issue you a concealed carry permit, but just about every gun your would carry and all the ammo it would use are still illegal?


  5. wonk [wongk]
    noun Slang.
    a student who spends much time studying and has little or no social life; grind.
    a stupid, boring, or unattractive person.
    a person who studies a subject or issue in an excessively assiduous and thorough manner: a policy wonk.


  6. @9 – At the rate that gun manufacturers are refusing to sell in California because of California’s requirement that the firing pin on a gun must imprint the cartridge with the gun’s serial number, California wont even have to do that.


  7. From the Lib perspective it all makes (non)sense: for the greater good guns MUST be heavily regulated, however, it’s totally constitutional to ISSUE the PERMIT. (The gubmint’s involved with the paperwork from application to issuing of the certifying document.)

    Plus, no child was ever injured or killed by picking up a stray carry permit.


  8. @14 – OO! Bacon for that idea!

    I’ve just decided I’m full-blood Native American, so two things:

    1) Give me my cut of Wisconsin’s casino money

    2) The Washington Redskins’ name honors my people’s fierce warrior spirit and does not need to be changed.

    Unless they don’t have a winning record next year, in which case, they haven’t earned it, and have to go back to calling themselves the Bureaucrats or whatever they used to be called.



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