Straight Line of the Day: Obama Plans to Shrink the Army to Pre-WWII Levels. Not Being Shrunk…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Obama plans to shrink the Army to pre-WWII levels. Not being shrunk…

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  1. …the unshrinkable Molly Brown.

    …China’s army.

    …Putin’s nads.

    …the number of anti-military commies in the White House.

    …the number of people dying alone and forgotten with their TVs on, in other words, MSNBC’s ratings.

    …the odds of a giant meteor hitting Earth instead of the Michelle O’sButt defense shield.


  2. Obama plans to shrink the Army to pre-WWII levels. Not being shrunk…

    …Obama’s hat size


    …my khakis and polo shirts when I pick them up from the cleaners.

    …Obama’s appetite for good choom.

    …the cost of health insurance and healthcare (believe it or not, they are two different things)

    …the level of misery liberals carry


  3. …the number of countries that still fear the US Army.

    …the servings of whup-ass per can.

    …the number of Americans who think Obamby is not quite up to Army standards of fitness to serve, much less lead.


  4. @28: Due to Michele’s meddling with dietary standards and a general Liberal loathing of anything that remotely smacks of aggression, the controlled portions of Whup-Ass per container have been reduced by 38 percent.

    According to a classified study conducted at Fort Benning and Fort Huachuca, this reduction parallels the percentage of social experimentation effected upon the military by civillian governmental components.



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