The International Guide to Improv Comedy

The first rule of improv – always say yes. No matter what crazy thing your partner suggests, roll with it.

And that’s what happens is this ping-pong match.

Now, assuming the bios under the video are true, this is a serious match with serious players (and the judges are DEFINITELY serious – I’m surprised the woman doesn’t order in a firing squad).

However, it looks like the Belgian got WAY behind early, but instead of getting all John McEnroe about it, started just… having FUN (what an ODD thing to do while playing a game…)

And, fortunately, both his opponent and the judges indulged him, and everyone had a good time.

[The most humorous table-tennis match ever] (Viewer #5,538,165)

FULL DISCLOSURE: Normally I would take a look at the length of this video and go “16 minutes? NOTHING can be entertaining for 16 minutes!”

Normally I’m right.

This time I wasn’t.

Although your mileage may vary.

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  1. funny, but it was like i was watching the Harlem Globetrotters.

    i’m not convinced it began as a real match.

    i don’t know the game, though. anyone know for sure?


  2. This must be what it’s like in that alternate universe where people don’t take every freakin’ thing so damned seriously.


  3. @4 Harvey

    well, it certainly began real and the players are for real, but i just watched the entire 53 min. the stakes were real. at 27 min in when Chuang administers cpr to Saive it seems a little less real. at 39 min when an extra ball is put in play and the judges judge like it is valid it seems even less real. after that when the players begin heading the ping pong ball ….great fun. the camera angles are much better on the 53 min version.



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