There’s Precedent

After spending $900 million over the last 5 years for behavior detection officers, the TSA arrested ZERO people for terrorism.

With a record like that, I’m surprised they weren’t declared a green-energy program.

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  1. So, a government agency that’s supposed to look for signs of potential terrorism, but yet by law are not allowed to profile for any specific type of person, most specifically in this case, those type of people who are most likely to perpetrate terrorism, therefore, didn’t profile for those most likely to perpetrate terrorism and now their surprised that they didn’t find any?
    That there is special kind of stupid.
    And they get paid.
    Taxpayer dollars.


  2. Sorry to get serious (i.e., non-snarky) here, but this meme depends heavily on not understanding the difference between deterrence (anticipatory) and and arrest (reactive). The only reasonable way to protect soft targets is to harden them – in an open society there are very few options for doing that.



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