Blowing Up Eggs in Slow Motion

[BroMo: Guy Things In Slow Mo – EXPLODING EGGS at 2500 fps] (Viewer #798,561)

It’s an interesting concept, and it was executed fairly well, except…

Well… these guys act like chess nerds on their first date with a real girl.

Fellas, this isn’t skiing down a mountain while blindfolded. This is breaking eggs. It’s not an extreme sport. Your mom does this while wearing bunny slippers.

Anyway, I don’t know if this is NSFW or not, because I turned the sound off after about 30 seconds. Between the awful music and the idiotic patter, it was just too annoying.

Personally, I think it was better in silence, since it’s all about the visuals, anyway, and all the noise distracts from that.

If you opinion differs (or concurs, for that matter), pipe up in the comments.

Oh, and if anyone makes it all the way through with the volume on, let me know if this video needs a content warning of any sort.

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  1. Sorry, but these guys are nowhere near as cool as chess nerds.

    Bad music. They were almost dancing at the beginning of the video.

    “Bro-mo”… “Guy things in slo-mo” … “Dude perfect”… This more like “Trying way too hard, and not succeeding.”


  2. This is as NSFW as it gets! You absolutely, under no circumstances want *anyone* to see you watching anything this stupid.

    Excuse me, I have to go wash my eyes out with bleach now.



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