Brad Pitt Should Do a Movie About It

Film Works, an entertainment-industry advocate organization, is lobbying California lawmakers to cut taxes for movie-producers.

Yes, it’d be a shame if Hollywood couldn’t afford to make films bashing evil rich guys who only care about their own profits.

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  1. This problem is easily resolved, all you have to do is jack up the taxes on every other business in the Peoples Democratic Republic of California. Farmers in the central valley, small business in LA, homo bars in Frisco, straight bars in Sacramento, date farmers in Indio, sand farmers in Needles..all can well afford to pay a little bit more in taxes to take up the slack for the movie industry. Why should the movie industry have to carry the burden for the actions of the liberal democrat tax and spenders they endorse and vote into office every year on a regular basis. After all…only the little people pay taxes!



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