Freehold in Hardcover

Friend of IMAO Mike Z. Williamson, has the first book of his Freehold series — called “Freehold” of all things — coming out in a limited edition signed hardcover (it originally only came out in paperback).

Now you can complete your hardcover collection of his series — or jump into the series if you’ve never read it before.

Here at IMAO, we support the arts.

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  1. we support the arts.

    I knew about Art Carney, but what other Arts do you support?

    Art Mooney? Art Vandalay? Some other Art?

    Enquiring minds want to know.


  2. I don’t often comment but when I do….

    If you haven’t read Freehold you owe it to yourself. I would rate it in top 10-15 of all military sci-fi. Awesome tale but as stated not for under 15 crowd.



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