Friends! Come In! Everybody Welcome!

Posted on March 15, 2014 8:00 pm

During an event at the Naval Observatory, Vice President Joe Biden said that voter ID laws are based on “hatred”.

So… think attendees had to show an ID before they were allowed in?

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5 Responses to “Friends! Come In! Everybody Welcome!”

  1. Dodsfall says:

    It would be racist to ask for ID to enter the observatory. Maybe Uncle Joe did a few impressions of Indian convenience store owners and other minorities to amuse the crowds.

  2. NO_MO_BAMA says:

    So if I go to a bank to cash a check with no ID and they say no, that’s a hate crime, right?

  3. Oppo says:

    Better yet, call a locksmith to a mall parking lot and ask him to make you a spare key for whatever car you like….. Tell him it’s racist to ask for proof of ownership or I.D.

    Illegals and dead Dems are, after all, literally stealing our government.

  4. frogmouth says:

    Well, they ARE based on hatred. Hatred of voter fraud.

  5. howardfrombroward says:

    I hate that rampant voter cheating at the polls done by joe’s fellow donks, and that’s why voter id is so important to insure honest elections.

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