I Want It Because It Touched a Nuclear Inferno

Consider this the Official Mineral of IMAO:

It’s only $33… I am SO tempted…

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  1. “While highly radioactive when formed in 1945, at present it [sic] radioactivity level is close to zero.”

    Wait — so I must have misunderstood what I was told about half-lives in school.

    What ceases to be radioactive in 70 years?

    (I assume it must be non-radioactive now, or the Post Office would go ballistic if they detected any of this being shipped.)


  2. Dad worked for a “contractor” as a test engineer for 30 + years, was at White Sands NM often. Brought home some Trinitite that He said “Musta’ fell into his pockets” as it was illegal to remove or possess at the time.



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